Discusses why free trade hurts the world's poor.

A four page overview of the problems in West Africa..  And a hard look at some solutions being offered.  Simple, articulate descriptions of power imbalances.

Discusses how fair trade can help farmers escape poverty in even war torn areas like Uganda and Palestine.

Discusses how the global free trade coffee market puts farmers at an increasing disadvantage and increases poverty.

Discusses how buying from local farmers will not only help our farmers and our economy but also developing nations.

Discusses the differences between fair trade and farm gate.

Discusses California's Transparency Law which addresses child trafficking and forced labor in supply chains.  It includes a link to the law.

United Nations, International Labor Organization website regarding unethical child labor

Chocolate Manufacturer's and ILO agreement signed in 2001 to address child forced labor in the cocoa industry.  There are two documents with a bunch of signatures in between.  The second one defines internationally agreed "worst forms of child labor".  It is useful to understand that internationally "child labor" means unethical child labor.  The term usually does not include after school jobs or helping with the family farm unless it is unsafe or prevents a child from going to school.
Harkin Engel Protocol/Cocoa Industry Protocol

"Time to Raise the Bar"  Extensive report by Global Exchange, Green America, International Labor Rights Forum, and Oasis. It was written in response to Hershey's Corporate Responsibility Report.

A University of Minnesota summary of "Globalization and the World Food Economy" curriculum that contains a huge list of resources.

Each of the certification systems have websites which you can link to by clicking on the images on the left side of this blog.

To access a list of links to advocacy groups' websites, click on "Advocacy Groups" near the top of this blog.

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