Mango Tree Imports, Ballston Spa

12 Washington Street (Art Alley)
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

518 288-3554

Legal Disclaimer
I make no representation regarding the quality of the products I list and the list is by no means inclusive of all available fair trade products.  You are advised to call the store to make sure any listed item is currently available.

Enjoy your shopping!

Chocolate Candy
     Equal Exchange Chocolate Bars (6+ assorted flavors, minis and regular)
     Divine Chocolate Bars (6+ assorted flavors)  Fair Trade USA
     Divine Medallions (2 flavors)  Fair Trade USA
     Deans Beans Java Drops - Fair Trade USA

Chocolate for Baking
     Equal Exchange Cocoa Powder

Hot Cocoa
     Equal Exchange Cocoa Powder

     Equal Exchange Congo Coffee Project
     Dean's Beans (Assorted flavors)  Fair Trade

     Equal Exchange  (Assorted Flavors)

     Ten Thousand Villages (Assorted)
Lip Balm
     Ten Thousand Villages (Assorted)

Mango Tree Imports is dedicated to the fair trade movement and carries an enormous selection of clothes, bags, jewelry, cards, toys, pottery, etc.  The owners have personal knowledge regarding how and where items were produced and how the region it comes from is benefiting from the fair exchange of these goods.

If you notice that the store has additional food or natural ingredient products with a third party certification seal, please feel free to contact me and let me know it should be added to the list.

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