Contacting Corporations

It is so easy.  And it takes seconds.

They love to get useful information from cheerful customers.  Not only are you helping the fair trade movement, you are helping them to stay current with the changing interests of consumers.

They all have Facebook pages and easy to Google websites.

Almost every packaged food has a phone number and email address on the package. 

When I have a few minutes to kill, I call the number on the package and ask
"I love your (product), but I am committed to the fair trade movement.  I notice that your (product)  has chocolate/palm oil/ coconut in it.  Do you plan to seek fair trade certification?"

Some times I have a nice chat with someone who has never heard of fair trade and I get to inform them of the issues and they get to promise me that someone who knows the answer will contact me by email.  They always do.

Or I call a store or manufacturer who is fairly trading and I thank them. 

Some days I may write a CEO or a President. I google corporate name and "headquarters" and "CEO" for name and address.  I let them know that fair trade is important to me and why.

While you are on Facebook go to a popular chocolate or tropical fruit company and search that companies name.  Leave a note on their wall.

Keep in mind that local box store managers generally have absolutely no power to make decisions about what goes on their shelf.  It is better to contact the CEO or the regional manager. 

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